Helping You Solve Problems

At Eden Law Office in Phoenix, Arizona, I maintain a law practice committed to solving clients' problems. My primary tool in doing so is personalized service.

Family problems are uniquely personal, of course. For that reason, I work with you closely as your lawyer.

By getting to know you, I learn about your concerns and how you envision your future. With that information in hand, I go about crafting legal guidance that is custom-tailored to your circumstances.

I also emphasize extensive communication with you. We keep in constant touch so you always know where your case stands and any recent developments.

Learn About Your Options

You will be able to rely on my experienced legal judgment as an attorney to help you make your decisions. I can help you choose from those options wisely in a wide variety of family matters, including:

In doing so, I will speak candidly with you. I give you my honest opinion so you know exactly where your situation stands.

Contact My Office To Schedule Your Initial Consultation

Call me at 480-582-0952 to make your appointment. You can also reach me online.